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Golden Gate Park

About Right Fix Now Outdoor Services


At Right Fix Now Outdoor Services, we utilize decades of experience to provide functional landscape design and installation. We provide many outdoor services for your property such as: foundation care, guttering and drainage resolution, sprinkler repair, outdoor fire pits, fountains, flagstone patios, hardscape walking paths, landscape lighting, tree and shrub removal and planting - just to name a few of the projects we can help you with. By partnering with you, we will collaborate to design a project that combines creativity with functionality and beauty to solve challenges or achieve your goals. On a more serious note, we can provide solutions to drainage problems many homeowners face in Houston due to flat nature of our topography and poor-building practices, which can endanger your foundation of your residence and/or cause boggy, wet messes in our yards. We will work closely with you from initial design thoughts through the completion of your project to ensure your project meets your goals, providing function as well as aesthetic beauty. Whether you want a small retaining wall installed to maximize your yard space or removal of a few shrubs that have taken over your backyard, we can assist you with your landscaping goals. Call us today!



As a homeowner in the Old Magnolia area, I know full well how challenging it can be to find honest and dependable landscaping and hardscaping services for your much-loved property. That's why I began my company: To provide superior workmanship and fair prices to homeowners and business clients. At Right Fix Now Outdoor Services, we pride ourselves in taking care of our Customers one project at a time. Call us today to discuss your next landscaping or outdoor project.


Meet the Business Owner

Seth Mitchell formed Right Fix Now Outdoor Services because he wanted to be a professional resource to home property owners who were struggling to find safe, professional landscape and hardscape services - and to share his creative and honest approaches at solving the technical requirements in landscaping improvement projects.

Seth is a graduate of Baylor University, having experience in the corporate world as a manager as well as a technical career in a Houston-based, global oil-field engineering firm.

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