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Raising Concrete Offers a Lower-Cost Solution Compared to Replacement

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

The big question we usually get from home owners here on the Northwest side of Houston, Texas is this: "How much does it cost to replace my concrete drive? It's cracked and settled." That is a normal response - and years ago - that would have been the only option for a cracked concrete slab or driveway panel. But technology and ingenuity both increase. Enter "mudjacking!" Mudjacking refers to a process in which a dense composition of screened topsoil, sand, and Portland cement is mixed and pumped under pressure to raise settled concrete. It's very clever. And much more economical than replacement, typically. Not only does raising concrete offer a lower-cost solution compared to replacing a concrete panel in a concrete sidewalk or driveway, but also it reduces the overall impact at the job site or residence.

This is an often overlooked point. This is a big checkmark in the raising-concrete column. Pouring new concrete is not only much more expensive but also necessitates that the old concrete flat work must be demolished and removed. Concrete removal requires specialized machinery and is costly to dispose of. This is very impactful often times to a job site and increases the cost substantially. The noise and dust generated by the equipment is considerable. You also had better prepare your neighbors for this aspect of the project. Conversely, raising concrete, also know as "mudjacking' in the industry, requires only access to the concrete and multiple 2-1/8" holes drilled by a rotary hammer drill. The pump's engine, which sounds like a lawn mower, and hopper full of "mud" is positioned near the holes and then the pump operator begins to pump the composite "mud" slurry into the holes. After voids are filled under the concrete, the concrete will begin to raise.

Raising concrete has other advantages as well. By raising the concrete panel we avoid the highly-visible differences of pouring new concrete beside the pre-existing concrete driveway or walkway. The new concrete will be freshly poured and completely clean, usually a bright bone white or very light gray. The old concrete by contrast will be much darker. It will have been exposed to years of weathering and dirt, making it appear much darker. This is significant advantage of raising concrete in lieu of replacing the concrete.

Generally speaking, if the existing concrete can be raised, it is my opinion it should be salvaged and raised by professional and experianced technicians with the specialized mudjacking equipment. It offers a tramendous value to the Customer and can be performed in one day, with the Customer able to drive on it the next day. I hope you find this article informative and useful. If you need help with concrete, masonry, CBU repair or installation or if you should find yourself in the unfortunante position of needing your sidewalk or driveway raise and you're in the Cypress or Houston, Texas area, please feel free to reach out to me to schedule a viewing of the issues your facing at or 281.667.6175. Good luck and God bless!

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