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Recent Projects

Concrete Raising in Copperfield - for another Customer!

Saved the Customer approximately  $3000.00

Why replace it when you can save it. We were able to save Miguel and Sonia's driveway by raising it even though it was cracked significantly. Miguel came over and starting chatting about his cracked driveway with me while we were raising his neighbor's driveway. We were able to come back a few weeks later and fix his driveway. One downspout caused the dirt to soften and migrate out from underneath his concrete driveway, resulting in a badly settled and broken driveway panel. Examine your downspouts and which way they route water!  We will revisit this driveway very soon to power wash it and prep the expansion joints to be sealed using the highest-quality polyurethane self-leveling sealant on the market.


Cracked Foundation and Concrete Raising in Copperfield

This technique saved the Customer approximately $4000.00

Poor grading. Clogged gutters and poor performing downspouts, and no irrigation system snapped this Houston Couple's foundation. We fixed the foundation and then began more work to fix the contributing issues on this property. Gutter cleaning, downspout extensions (sub grade), and regrading the soil around the foundation as well as adding a sprinkler system install solved their issues. Whew! It was a lot of work. But their home's foundation is stable now.


Flagstone Walkway Addition

From Tripping Hazard to Safe Space

When these Customers moved in to their new house, near Barker Cypress in Cypress, Texas, there was a stone garden next to the driveway - much to their dismay. The customers reported that guests had nearly fallen in the stone garden when exiting vehicles at night due to the height of the stone garden being 4 to 6 inches higher than the driveway. What to do? Remove the stone garden. Nearly a ton of heavy clay soil came out as well as the rock too. Relocating the sprinkler head was necessary as well, and then on to the actual installation. We then added some beautiful flagstone at the same height as the neighboring walkway and concrete drive. The result? And aesthetically pleasing edition of flat, beautiful stone the same height as the driveway and walkway - which substantially reduced the likelihood of someone tripping and falling. It looked beautiful too.


Leaking Water Fall In Cypress, Texas

No Swimming in the Yard, Kids

There's nothing more embarrassing than flooding your yard during a little child's birthday party, but that's exactly what happened to this Cypress, Texas family.  But Right Fix Now Outdoor Services was able to stop the flood of water into the backyard and now they enjoy their water feature next to their pool once again. If you have any leaks near the pool, water feature, or the home, we can help. Any type of water that's stands or flows from your property is more serious than wasting water.


Flagstone Walkway

Stonework is Sophisticated and Durable

These Customers were so happy with the rock garden we replaced and flagstone courtyard we installed for them they asked us back to install a flagstone walkway on the other side of the house. Walking around the side of the home in the grass was compacting the soil and creating a wear path in the St. Augustine grass. So they wanted a flagstone walkway to the garden hose on the side of the home. It turned out really nice! No more wearing out the grass or tracking grass and dirt into the garage for this Customer.

Grass grid

From Tile to Stone - Spa Spillway Renovation

This spa spillway had been caulked and glued!

To say that this spillway was unsightly was an understatement. It has been repaired with three different types of tile, two different types of caulk, and some sort of glue. The tile didn’t fit right, it wasn’t flat and flush, and it was popping off the spillway. That wasn’t the problem though! The problem is the sun. The sun heats up the spillway and accompanying tile and grout at different rates and the subsequent expansion tears the tile away from the pool/spa spillway substrate. The results: Tile that pop off. We opted to replace the individual tiles with heavy thick stone. Nature has made the stone over millions of years and we were going to use that stability for our advantage. The result a great looking spillway whose color nearly perfectly matched the original pool coping. The stone is super stable, resilient, and will expand and contract less than manufactured tile. And it looks fantastic too!


Expansion-Joint Seals Are A Must

Only the Best Polyurethane Sealant, Please

Coming soon...


Flagstone Courtyard Makeover

Doing It Correctly Matters

Coming soon...


Downspout Re-Do

Downspouts are serious business!

Coming soon...

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