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Driveway/Concrete Expansion Gap Review

Most concrete, even when newly poured, is not sealed as required.

  • 30 minutes
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Concrete driveway and sidewalk panels must be sealed at the expansion gap to prevent water intrusion. Considering how much rain we receive annually here in Cypress, Tomball, and Katy, Texas, the water can wreak havoc on the supporting dirt underneath your concrete flatwork. Water will soften and erode the supporting material (usually dirt) underneath the concrete panel and cause it to migrate out from under the panel. The concrete is not supported and will eventually crack and break. In colder temperatures, water can penetrate the concrete and masonry through cracks and freeze, during a temperature drop. The result? The expanding water freezes and destroys the concrete or masonry structure. Simply sealing the expansion joints (and cracks) in concrete flatwork and pool coping joints reduces the likelihood of water intrusion and future damage. Sealing with a quality polyurethane sealant is cheap insurance against settling and cracked concrete.

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