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Property Grade (Slope) Assessment

Got low spots in your yard collecting water? We can fix that!

  • 1 hour
  • No Fee
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Standing water on your property is a sure sign that water is being trapped and not flowing away from structures. More serious than that though is water standing near any structure's foundation. Water can and will permeate the soil and cause the soil around the structures' foundation to expand. This expansion can create an upward lift on your foundation - and, you guessed it, your walls and roof too. This make sense, after all, they're all connected! The upward movement can cause cracks and shearing in your home's exterior and interior walls. The remedy? Often, it is as simple as recontouring the property at the correct locations and grade to allow the water to flow away form the home or outbuilding. Contact Right Fix Now Outdoor Services to assess the conditions present near your home. It is best to do this after a substantial rain.

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