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Our Services

Foundation Care

What can a clogged guttering system and an incorrectly terminated downspout do? If left untreated, they can destroy $3800.00 worth of concrete driveway in one example or contribute to a broken foundation in another! The cost for repairing the foundation was $8800.00! The Foundation Care Evaluation assesses these systems and conditions: General Property Grading, Guttering Systems (if present), Foundation Assessment, Exterior Wall Examination, Lawn Drain Collection Box Condition (if present), and Concrete Driveway, Sidewalk, and Pool (If present) Expansion-Joint Assessment. 

(Please allow a minimum of 1.5-2 hours for the consultation)

Soil Regrading/Leveling

Water that stands in the yard is not only a nuisance it can also be destructive to your home's foundation. Soil regrading can offer a resolution - but not always. Call us today for an evaluation.

Lawn/French Drain Installation

Lawn drains and French drains are excellent ways to duct water from areas where water pools in your yard or near you home here in Cypress, Katy, or Waller. Just after a rainstorm is a great time to view property that is suffering from poor drainage. Give us a call! We'll put on our mud boots and come out to your property.

Gutter Cleaning/Repair/Installation

A guttering system plays a critical part of preserving the integrity of your home's foundation. Gutters must be well-designed, clean and free of debris, and terminated correctly into a lawn drain tile that carries the shed water effectively from the home's foundation. Call us today to schedule an assessment of this important system.

Lanscape Installation

Our safe, friendly, and fast landscapers use the latest tools and top-quality materials to build beautiful and value-adding landscapes in Northwest Houston, Texas. We increase curb appeal!

Tree Trimming

Trimming tress and shrubs is serious business, especially if climbing equipment is warranted. Let us trim those tree branches hanging over the fence or professionally shape your shrubs.

Tree/Shrub Removal

Fast, expert removal and disposal of any trees you want cleared from your property.

Tree/Shrub Planting

Add to your existing landscape or replace older growth with new, high-quality plants.

Lot Clearing/Brush Removal

Trees, plants, and underbrush can get out of hand over the years with the rainfall we receive here in the Cypress, Texas area. Tackling a project like that takes specialized equipment and time. If you have a lot that needs to be tamed, we can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Debris Removal

If you have an ongoing project you need help with or simply need debris and building materials picked up and removed from your property, we can help. We can haul tree clippings, construction materials, or recyclable materials away for you.

Retaining Walls

Our masonry experts can build walls of any shape or size to provide necessary support or create new spaces to enjoy outdoor living.

Masonry Firerings

A cozy outdoor fireplace takes relaxation time and friendly gatherings to a whole new level.

Brick Pavers

Enhance your home with the classic, appealing brick pavers in traditional and modern designs.

Creative Stonework

Right Fix Now masonry is top notch. We can create breathtaking hardscapes or just-right artistic accents, using stone found in the hill country and moss rock as well.

Concrete Sidewalk Leveling and Repair

Sidewalks unlevel? Your Houston HOA is sending you letters to level them? Join the club! Tree roots and clay-based soils will wreak havoc with sidewalks here in Cypress, Katy, and Tomball. We'll level or replace them - whatever works best for you.

Concrete Driveway Raising

We have the experience, skills, and equipment necessary to tackle tough concrete flatwork that has become cracked, unlevel, and/or poses a tripping hazard. Call us today so we can raise your concrete driveway.

Masonry/Brick Repair

Right Fix Now Outdoor Services is committed to providing quality masonry repairs. Whether your pool's water feature is leaking around the mortar joints or you have cracks in your exterior brick veneer on your home, we can help.

Lawn Sprinkler Repair

Leaking water is no joke, even in the lawn's irrigation system - especially, if the leak is near the home's foundation. We can repair your leaking sprinkler system or simply make adjustments to it as warranted by the changing needs of your landscaping.

Landscape Lighting

Show off your yard and landscaping when it gets dark and enjoy the safety and security that landscape lighting can add. A well-lighted home is attractive and offers more safety and security at night - if you live in Harris county or in the Cypress, Copperfield, or Tomball area then this is a must.

Water Features

Whether your own idea or one of our creative designs, we have the materials and skills to produce a variety of water features to enhance any space

Equipment/Machinery Moving

We have the equipment to haul our machines so we can certainly assist our Customers when the need for hauling arrises.

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